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The University of Baltimore Online Education

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Welcome to UBOnline!

UBOnline is the online campus of the University of Baltimore. It comprises several different components:

  • UBOnline is administered by the e-Learning Center (eLC). The eLC manages the e-learning environment at UB and maintains UB’s fully online and web-enhanced courses. With the implementation of PeopleSoft, the eLC’s role has expanded to include the integration of the e-learning environment with the administrative systems environment and a campus-wide portal.
  • Sakai is UB's new, full-featured courseware-management system supporting technology-enabled teaching, learning, research, and collaboration for education. Sakai provides an environment for teaching and learning that is grounded in collaboration and open sharing of knowledge. Sakai can be used to create fully online courses or publish supplementary materials for face-to-face courses.
  • The Sakai Foundation and Community is a group of organizations world-wide that share practices, processes, tools, and technology. Institutions also share in broad and simple ways to increase the pace of innovation and ease each others' paths.

    If you have a Sakai technical support question, please contact UBOnline's Sakai Support in one of the following ways:

    They were contracted specifically to support UB users, so make sure to address your technical questions to them.

The e-Learning Center will conduct faculty training on the new system throughout 2011.