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Best Practices

The e-Learning Center, along with the deans and the provost, has developed a Faculty Guide to Online Teaching. We are still refining and adding standards, but this document is the current working draft in effect for UBOnline courses.

Quality Matters (QM) is a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer-review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components. QM standards are supported by best practices and the research literature, which is updated with every new rubric release. Colleges and universities across the country use the tools in developing, maintaining, and reviewing their online courses and in training their faculty.

UB's e-Learning Center promotes the Quality Matters standards for online course design. Several faculty have submitted a course for review in the last year. All have passed! Congratulations to Lourdes White, Rajesh Mirani, Regina Bento, Barry Brownstein, and Christine Nielsen. To learn more and discuss how QM standards might benefit your course, contact J. Haulsee in the e-Learning Center.

The Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) is an institutional and professional leadership organization dedicated to integrating online education into the mainstream of higher education, helping institutions and individual educators “improve the quality, scale, and breadth of education.” Sloan-C offers two- to four-week online workshops. See the workshop schedule for more details. If you are interested in participating in any of the Sloan-C workshop, please contact Paul Walsh to register.