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Benefits and Advantages of Online Education

If you are a busy professional with work, family, and a host of other commitments, online study offers you an opportunity for educational advancement on your own schedule and at your own pace. You can study, participate in class discussions, and submit assignments day or night, weekday or weekend, at your convenience.

Rather than travel to a fixed location—campus or learning center—you can access classes from home, work, or anywhere you have an internet connection. You won’t have to battle traffic and parking to get to class on time and then race home afterwards to meet other obligations. In addition, you will benefit from learning through the same current technologies you encounter in the workplace. Most important, you have a “level playing field” that gives every online student an equal opportunity to participate and receive individualized attention from professors.

Online courses are not independent study courses. UBOnline courses are highly structured and require frequent interactions with the instructor and with other students enrolled in the course. In fact, as an online student, you may get to know your instructors and classmates better than the classroom student. A growing body of evidence points to the conclusion that, depending on your learning style, you may learn more in the active learning environment of online classes than in the frequently passive environment of a lecture hall or classroom.

Online education is cost-effective. Though tuition may be marginally higher than campus tuition, the gains in personal and work time, depending on your circumstances, may more than offset this difference.

UBOnline programs combine all these advantages with fully accredited programs that employers recognize and respect.